At the Table with LBJ and Lady Bird: History, Humor, and True Texas Recipes

Meet Jean Schuler:

Author of At the Table with LBJ and Lady Bird

Find out how volunteering at LBJ Presidential Library inspired this recipe book.

About Jean Schuler:

An Artist & Author

Jean Schuler has been an artist focused on large paintings (abstract and representational art) for the past 23 years, and she has also been teaching her love of art education to children for over 10 years.

When she’s not designing or teaching art, Jean spends her days as her 90-year-old mom’s caregiver. When time permits, she likes to go to the LBJ Presidential Library in Austin, Texas, as an education volunteerand researcher. She says there is always more to learn about the 36th president and the former First Lady, Lady Bird. It was here at the library where the early ideas for her book began to take shape.

The Inspiration Behind

Lady Bird’s Recipe Book

The Inspiration Behind Lady Bird’s Recipe Book

Jean Schuler spent several years researching recipes for her book, At the Table with LBJ and Lady Bird. As a volunteer at the front desk of the LBJ Presidential Library, she discovered there wasn’t a recipe book with all of the former first lady Claudia Alta “Lady Bird” Taylor’s favorite recipes. She realized all these great recipes were actually locked away in the LBJ research library located on the 10th floor.

She decided to request a research card. Permission was granted and her quest began in gathering all the recipes she could find. It became her obsession as she poured over files to find recipes Lady Bird treasured. She took pride in researching and compiling “holiday recipe cards” from the White House used during the LBJ administration Christmas season. Jean’s book is the only complete recipe book of Lady Bird Johnson and features lots of Texas home cooking.

Using her artistic talents, this book is also illustrated by Jean Schuler and it was typed on an old typewriter giving it thoughtful authenticity, just like the lovely Lady Bird herself.